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Cherry Blossom Extract Massage Eye Cream


  • Especially designed for the eye contour

  • smoothen fine lines around the eyes

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  • Product Profile

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      ● The massage cream is rich in essential oil and used after the serum and the eye-mask, it allows to lock-in the hydration.

      ● The Zinc head replaces your finger to give a more efficient massage for your eyes.

      ● It is also a hygienic way to let the cream benefits being efficiently absorbed by your skin.

      ● Contains cherry blossom flower extract, which can unlock skin's repair capacity.

      Your eyes will no longer reveal your age easily! A zinc alloy massage ball is used to replace your finger to bring a non-sticky, moisturizing, and additives-free eye cream formula with a cooling touch. This eye cream repairs fine lines and brightens skin around the eye contour, With the added cherry blossom flower extract、caviar extract、sea fennel、vitamin E、acetyl hexapeptide-8,  leave your eyes looking brighter and younger.

  • Suitable skin

    • For all skin types

  • The main ingredient

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      Cherry blossom extract
      The cherry blossom flower has hydrating properties and enhances skin moisture. It softens rough skin and leaves you with a delicate skin.

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      Caviar extract
      The essences extracted from caviar improve skin hydration and leave you with a clearer skin. It firms the skin, and leaves it visibly more elastic.

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      Sea fennel (crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate)
      Rich in vitamins and nutrients, the sea fennel repairs and nourish dehydrated skin.

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      E Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate)
      The vitamin E brings deep hydration, improving the moisture lacking skin.

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      Acetyl hexapeptide-8
      Especially used for dry and tired skin; perfectly conditioning the skin.

  • Instructions

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      STEP 1
      Morning and night, after the use of the eye serum and the eye mask, remove the cover.

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      STEP 2
      Take an appropriate amount of cream and apply it around the eyes

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      STEP 3
      Use the zinc head to massage the cream until absorption

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      STEP 4
      Apply an appropriate amount of cream for the upper eyelid and massage from the inside to the outside.

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      STEP 5
      For the eyes wrinkles, re-apply another appropriate amount of cream and massage circularly until the cream is fully absorbed