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Jasmine Extract Face Mask

USD$ 10

  • Sincell Mask

  • Jasmine essence

  • repair dull skin

  • moisturizing conditioner

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  • Product Profile

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      Jasmine, named after its noble and elegant clarifying characteristics, smoothens and brightens skin after absorption. This product contains Jasmine essential oil (which takes more than 8000 jasmine and a complicated process to make one gram of precious jasmine essential oil), Euphrasia essence which contains rich vitamins to awake the newborn skin cells and combines the pure blue energy extracted from the deep oceans, to make a Elastic Invisible Mask using the NIFs 0% added preservatives free formula to enhance clarifying and brightening of your skin with the elegant fragrances of the jasmines.

      Vedio :《Victoires de la Beauté 2015-2016》

  • Suitable skin

    • For all kind of skin, particularly for dull skin

  • The main ingredient

    • 圖片名稱

      Premium Jasmine Essential oil
      Sources of skin brightening that will improve dull and sallow skin.

    • 圖片名稱

      Euphrasia Extract
      Provides care, calming and soothing effects for sensitive skins.

    • 圖片名稱

      Deep Sea Water
      Ocean water extracted in the Aphotic zone that provides skin with multiple energy and hydration.

  • Instructions

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      STEP 1
      Take the face mask out

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      STEP 2
      The rigid white membrane is the outer layer, adjust the mask position on the face (eyes, nose, mouth and face contour)

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      STEP 3
      Remove the outer layer from the left to the right (or the right to the left)

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      STEP 4
      Remove the air bubbles stuck between the face and the mask so every part of the face is covered by the mask.

    • 圖片名稱

      STEP 5
      After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask

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      STEP 6
      Finally, wipe the remaining essences. You’re ready to apply your daily skin-care.